Workshop Facilitation

Improving the way you do things in your business

Workshop facilitation is targeted at small businesses that require an experienced independent facilitator to help focus on an issue that requires improvement. I have successfully facilitated many workshops, ranging from small process improvements to company-wide improvement programmes. In each case, these sessions have not only resolved or significantly improved the issue at hand, but have resulted in happier staff and customers alike.

Workshop Facilitation is best done in small groups of up to 8 people.

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Workshop facilitation - Headstart Coaching

Angie successfully facilitated the development of a key business process that is being used today. Angie always tailors her approach to the specific business need and will target key users or groups that will add value to the inputs and outputs of the process. Her motivational techniques maintain the high energy levels required for a positive outcome.

Neena B

Angie...standardised the Project Management Development and Implementation processes, replacing multiple localised processes and work instructions...then moved onto standardising other company-wide processes. She has a great talent for making any company wide process roll-out look easy and painless...a natural leader who gets everyone on-board and takes them through an enjoyable journey. Her style of management leans towards participative which also creates a positive learning environment for everyone on the programme...a great coach who always gives friendly and professional heart-felt advice.

Bal S

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