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Career Coaching and CV writing are core skills that I offer at Headstart. Whilst I help you to write your CV using the wealth of skills and experience that you already have, we will also work together to tailor your CV so that it will offer the most value for the specific job opportunities that you are looking for. I also like to review the jobs you wish to apply for with you, to ensure they fit with your work values and skill set. This is best done face to face.

Interview coaching is also a popular subject at Headstart. This is normally worked on with a specific interview opportunity in mind, although general interview skills coaching is also offered. I also look at the less known elements of body language and building rapport which can help your interview to go smoothly.

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Angie has worked with me throughout the recruitment process, giving me hints and tips on how to update my CV, providing a series of excellent tool based sessions to help me define my ideal job and assess job descriptions for their applicability. The area where I have derived real, lasting value however, has been in the help and support through the interview process. Angie has provided me some excellent advice on preparation for the interview questions, which, although hard work, I followed to the letter. Her insights and advice on building rapport were also very valuable. I have just been offered the job of my dreams, and believe that Angie played a big part in making sure that I performed at my absolute best, and believed in myself.

Melissa D

Highly personable, incisive and very capable, Angie has that rare ability of being able to put people at ease engendering an environment for open discussion, successfully leading this to the identification and prioritisation of those core values and behaviours sought from not only a role, but a wider career. In demonstrating how to systematically analyse a role and assess its suitability against my identified core values and behaviours Angie has, over a number of sessions provided me with a tool kit which I can apply to any role going forward. Angie’s guidance as a Career Coach has been invaluable career wise as well as insightful personally. Many Thanks.

Jim P

I was feeling very frustrated with my job and the lack of opportunities available. After a quick conversation with Angie, she made me realise the almost obvious: that I needed to make a change if I wanted to see a change.

Just from that chat, I decided to move jobs and I now work in a completely different industry, where I have been able to travel the world, and work and experience many different cultures.

Tom H

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