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Business coaching can be useful when you need some help to get your ideas together and get moving in business. Sometimes you or your business may need help setting direction and objectives for your staff. I have a process by which you can do this which will enable you to have objectives ready to roll out.

I can also help with other operational activities. Once we have spent some time to understand what it is that you are trying to do, we will work up a plan of action, which puts you firmly in control, supported by my wealth of expertise in business. You may wish to increase sales, improve project delivery, mitigate business risk, enhance employee engagement, or improve customer satisfaction. Whatever the challenge you face, I will help you to understand how to do this and then you will be able to put this into practice successfully.

I can also help you to assess risk against your projects and business plans. By understanding your risks I can help you to plan for success.

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Angie...standardised the Project Management Development and Implementation processes, replacing multiple localised processes and work instructions...then moved onto standardising other company-wide processes. She has a great talent for making any company wide process roll-out look easy and painless...a natural leader who gets everyone on-board and takes them through an enjoyable journey. Her style of management leans towards participative which also creates a positive learning environment for everyone on the programme...a great coach who always gives friendly and professional heart-felt advice.

Bal S

Angie helped me refine my business goals, narrowing down the value I could provide to my clients, and allowing me to sell my services not only with greater ease, but also for greater profits. Thank you Angie.

Jamie B

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