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At Headstart Coaching, I bring out the best in people. I do this through 1-1 and small group coaching (where appropriate) enabling clients to feel valued and to provide a safe space for them to grow. I operate in a friendly manner and with total integrity, and through the use of good quality questions, turn my clients' goals and aspirations into reality. Why "Headstart"? Well "Head" because I believe that by using our minds through coaching methodologies, we can achieve all of our aspirations, "start" because everyone needs a Headstart at some point to help them move forwards and "coaching" because it's what I do best. As we achieve one dream, then we generally set ourselves another. This leads to positive continuous personal development.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a means by which you will enable your goals to be achieved. When you have been coached your problems will have been thought through and any blockers identified and removed. You will begin to see how your dreams and aspirations will become a reality. You remain in total control of your decisions throughout the session and nobody will tell you what to do. None of us can change others, the only person we can change is ourselves, so this is a great way to start doing just that.

Angie Ball - Headstart Coaching

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